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Sommer and Paul Sobin are devoted to sharing the elegant teachings of yoga to all who seek freedom and deeper meaning of truth in this lifetime.

Their teaching combines a unique blend of skills gained through years of intense study of Tantric philosophy, bio-mechanical training with the human body,  and integrated health systems. They were certified Anusara teachers from 2004-2012 and have each been teaching yoga for more than 20 years. They also served on the Anusara Yoga Certification board assisting aspiring teachers through the rigorous process of certification.  Their alignment based hatha yoga classes flow with movement, breath, laughter and profound honoring of spirit. In their classes and programs they invite students to experience radical freedom in the physical body, the mind, and the Spirit. Paul and Sommer have worked with thousands of students of all ages and provide a welcoming atmosphere for students of all backgrounds and levels to experience the great power of Yoga both on and off the mat.  No previous experience necessary!

Sommer and Paul teach local yoga classes in Chapel Hill, N.C., Immersion Yoga Studies Programs for all who wish to deepen their yogic studies, international yoga retreats, and a they offer a bi-annual Yoga Alliance 200+hour accredited Yoga Teacher Training program.

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Sommer is also a long time student of herbal studies has a background in various Ayurvedic studies programs. She has also worked for years as a guide for helping others awaken to true freedom with other modalities that include years of study with energetic healing and plant teachers. Aside from her offerings of the gifts of yoga and meditation based practices, she offers many natural rhythmic based ways to empower people to live a life of greater health and inner peace. Sommer is also an ordained minister of the Church of the Sacred Light of the Heart, a universal truth and faith path, and holds sacred ceremonies for many of life's important thresholds including officiating: weddings, baby blessings, coming of age blessings, new child and new parent blessings, partnership new beginnings or transitions, death support and funeral blessings.

On top of his passion for yoga, meditation, guitar playing and inviting people to heal through laughter, Paul Sobin has years of energetic healing studies as part of his own path. He also completed studies in Integrative Nutrition Support and has worked with healing through local and seasonal foods as part of his own healing journey.  Paul shares many of his gifts through his humorous and spiritual yoga classes. Paul's greatest teachers are his 2 children who remind him to drop into presence and the life that is NOW each and every moment!

It is with much gratitude and respect that Sommer and Paul give thanks to their many teachers who have showered them with wisdom and support to serve the the awakening of light and truth in this great world of change and transition. It is an equal honor and with much humility that they share a ray of what they have received with anyone they get to work with. Thank you for the opportunity of growth and for reflecting the ONE light in each of us.

-Sommer and Paul SobiN

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