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Mondays 6:00pM-7:30PM WITH SOMMER


With special emphasis on alignment, we move through an opening meditation, breath awareness, and practice of yoga asanas (poses) for the whole body, ultimately relaxing into savasana (corpse pose) to achieve deep calmness. Expect a well-balanced mix of postures, including standing and balance poses to build strength; twists and backbends to keep your back healthy; and seated poses to open the hips and stretch the legs. We include longer holds with specific directions so that you can work deeply in each pose. You'll leave feeling focused, relaxed, strong, and loose.


Special Labor Day Yoga Practice with Sommer Sobin


Location: Sfeer Yoga, 200 Britton Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Time:  6-8 pm
For all you regular SFEER STUDIO pass holders there's no extra fee other than if you wish to make a donation for our fundraiser (read down more), for drop in folks this special class is $25 . The drop in rate and any donations are being donated to Farmer Food-Share (a beloved local foods organization that gets local, freshly grown foods into local families who need it).  The class will be mixed levels asana and deep rest to honor the sacred beauty of work and rest (and balance!) in our lives.